Suzara clueless on PVL’s ITC mess

Monday, 15 May 2017
Dan Grey - @

Philippine Superliga (PSL) president Ramon Suzara dismissed allegations tagging him as the mastermind behind the failure of the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) to secure the international transfer certificates (ITCs) of its foreign guest players competing in its Reinforced Conference.

Suzara, who is also the chairman of the powerful marketing and development committee of the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) and member of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), has been under attack in traditional and social media as fans – and even PVL players – accuse him of hindering the release of the imports’ ITC.

He emphasized that securing the ITC is the main responsibility of the organizer, in this case, the PVL.

He said PVL president Richard Palou should have been aware of what is stated in the FIVB’s Electronic International Transfer Procedure Manual, a 58-page document regarded as the bible of international transfer in volleyball.

Based on the FIVB transfer manual, the transfer of PVL imports is not within the ITC period of Oct. 15, 2016 to May 15, 2017. The PVL Reinforced Conference started April 30, 2017, which is outside the ITC period as per FIVB regulation.

In fact, the Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas, Inc. (LVPI) requested the FIVB for the release of ITCs a total of 25 times.

With that, the FIVB released the ITCs of five Thai players – Jaroensri Bualee of BaliPure, Hyapha Amporn and Kannika Thipatchot of Power Smashers, Patcharee Saengmuan of Air Force and Kuttika Kaewpin of Creamline — last May 3 and was already forwarded to the PVL and LVPI.

The Japanese player, Naoko Hashimoto of Perlas, meanwhile, secured her ITC last May 12.

The LVPI had recently secured the recognition of the FIVB, which dropped the old Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) as country representative in the international federation.

The PVL, however, still uses PVF officials in the officiating of its matches.

Suzara also strongly denied previous reports that they had a discussion and he assured Palou that the ITCs would be released today (May 15). He is currently in Bangkok to attend a crucial AVC meeting.

Suzara said they warned Palou about the negative consequence of moving the Reinforced Conference from season-ending — just like the PSL Grand Prix — to season-opening, but he opted not to listen.

He added that the PSL religiously follows the AVC and FIVB rules, especially its calendar, and makes sure that the ITC of its foreign guest players were being secured even before they could fly to the Manila.

“Either Palou was unaware of that calendar, which is well known among professionals and serious volleyball officials or just chose to ignore it hoping that me or the LVPI (Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas, Inc.) would successfully pressure the FIVB to exempt the PVL from this sacred rule.”
“Palou has misled the PVL players, PVL fans, PVL team owners, its TV partner and other media into laying the blame on me, or the PSL or the LVPI as the culprits and villains of this mess Palou inflicted on himself.”

Suzara added that Palou and the PVL should also go over the checklist of compliance required by the government, including the work permits of their imports and other government clearances to make sure that the imports would see action on time.

“I am afraid that if PVL fails to obtain these permits on time and shoot themselves on the foot again, I or the PSL or the LVPI may be blamed again.”
“I hope for the sake of the PVL team owners, TV partners, sponsors, fans and players including those who went to social media without checking their facts, this problem which PVL itself created is resolved the soonest.”

On the same note, Suzara demands public apology from PVL players like Dzi Gervacio, Charo Soriano, Amanda Villanueva and Bea Tan for accusing him on social media as the culprit behind the delay of the ITC of PVL imports.

“I demand an apology from players who jumped into the fray and accused of bullying them without checking basic facts.”
“I also request that PSL be left alone to continue its difficult and sincere task of strengthening Philippine volleyball as we gear up for the Asian Club Championships in few weeks and the Southeast Asian Games in few months.”
“Our country does not need these distractions which are intended to cover up for the negligence and incompetence of supposed volleyball officials.”