Alyssa wants another chance

Sunday, 14 May 2017
Nads Ong - Correspondent - @nadineisreal
Photograph courtesy of Janella Fe Doncillo

Alyssa Valdez is keeping her fingers crossed that she will be given another chance to prove her worth in the national team.

Valdez’s mother team, Creamline, did not allow her to participate in the Clash of Heroes – a fund-raising event that aims to pick the final 18 members of the national squad headed for the 29th Southeast Asian Games.

The Cool Smashers said they do not want to risk Valdez’s health as they are in the middle of a tight tournament in the Premier Volleyball League.

“We regret to inform you that Alyssa Valdez will not be able to participate in the Clash of Heroes event on May 15.”
“The Creamline Cool Smashers are in the middle of a tight tournament schedule in the Premier Volleyball League, where Aly has played in straight days and has had to do more for the team in light of continuing delay of the release of the ITCs required for our imports to play. We cannot risk injury to her from overplay.”

Creamline knows that Valdez is the heart and soul of the team.

But it should also know that Valdez will not be going to Clash of Heroes only for her own benefit – but for the benefit of flag and country.


Valdez said if she wants to have her way, she would attend the event and fight for her slot in the national team.

In a previous statement, national head coach Francis Vicente said Valdez attended only once out of the past five training sessions and the Clash of Heroes would be her last chance to show that she deserves to be part of the team.

Vicente, her high school coach, doubted Valdez’s commitment, especially when she excused herself from training to attend to her skills camp.

But the former Ateneo star still insists that she wants to represent the country.

“Sino ba naman ang ayaw mag-represent sa country?”
“If given the chance naman di ba? You’re going to give your best if bibigyan ka naman din ng chance na makapag-try pa for the national team.”
“Pero when it comes to these things, you have to follow the decision of your home club. If there are other chances, bakit hindi?”

But at the 5:43 mark of the interview, reporters were stunned when they were cut short by Valdez’s business manager Vania Edralin, telling them that the discussion over her chances of making the national had already wrapped up.

“You have questions pa? ‘Cause she has to rest na.”

Hoping for the best

Vicente said the Clash of Heroes would be very crucial in the selection of members of the national team.

Aside from giving him a clear idea on how the pieces would fit perfectly together, the Clash of Heroes also ultimately tests the commitment and dedication of the players.

So if Valdez misses the crucial affair, it’s safe to say that she would also completely lose her chance to return to the SEA Games, where she once served as the flag-bearer of the entire Philippine delegation.

Valdez said she would accept whatever the decision of Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas, Inc. (LVPI) would be.

“I think sila din naman yung may authority to decide kung sino ang pasok sa lineup. Ako, kung mabibigyan din naman ako ng chance, bakit hindi?”

She said she couldn’t please everybody.

“Hindi mo din maiiwasan yun. It’s other people’s opinion.”

She, however, still wishes for another chance.

“But if you’re going to ask me kung commitment rin lang sa volleyball itself, I think I really want to play no matter what happens.”
“So let’s hope for the best and pray for everyone. Let’s pray for the national team.”