When fans cry for unity

Thursday, 10 Aug 2017
Nads Ong - Correspondent - @nadineisreal
Photo courtesy of Kath Zamora, Volleyball PH

On Wednesday night, a group of people wearing the colors of the Philippine flag captured the attention of thousands of spectators in the 19th AVC Asian Senior Women’s Championship.

Like everyone else, they came all the way to Alonte Sports Arena in Binan City, Laguna to show pure support to the national team in its first step back to international volleyball prominence.

They fashioned a human flag cheering in motion, making sure to respond with a scream of support every time the Nationals go for a kill until they capped the night with a victory over Hong Kong.

As soon as the smoke cleared, the home team skippered by Mika Reyes, Jaja Santiago, Alyssa Valdez bowed and waved at them.

They couldn’t be more thankful for such classic act.

Reyes said more than team effort, the trust and support of their mentors and supporters should also be credited for gaining such important victory.

“Aside from great team effort, we really have to give the credits to our coaches and all the supporters of the team for this win.”

Cry for unity

Few days before the Asian Seniors kicked off, a call for unity circulated online by Valdez’s supporters dubbed as ‘Alyfinity’.

They, however, didn’t organise it for her alone.

They looked for 180 individuals to show support and cheer with their hearts out for the national squad.

They wore blue, red, white and yellow shirts, stand together, and formed the human flag with oozing pride and confidence.

“We, the Alyfinity, are obviously supporters of Alyssa Valdez but we also cry for unity amongst other supporters of the National Team as we seek for major growth and development of volleyball in the Philippines.”

“Through this human flag, we’d like to encourage everyone to support our national team as one regardless of whom we support individually.”

In the end, it was all worth it.

True enough, it was the perfect time to unite.