Top Alternative Volleyball Net Sets 2023!

Don't own a volleyball net set or have the outdoor space to install one? 3 alternative volleyball games to play in / out doors or in the pool!

Top Alternative Volleyball Net Sets 2023!

Finding a space to rent out for you and some friends to play some volleyball, whether it be inside or outside, can be challenging and expensive if you aren’t playing at a college or professional level. 

So what can you do when you don’t have a court to play on or the means to buy a volleyball net? After all, those costs can quickly escalate if you want a quality grass court/beach setup. And even if you’re willing to spend that kind of dough, who has 16 meters of level grass/sand to work with? 

Lastly, you can’t always get together 12 or even six people to play volleyball. It’s a tough task to find a time that works for everyone to come and play some volleyball whether it be at the beach or at a gym. 

Don’t worry. Below are the top three volleyball games you can play that are fun, and fit all of the criteria you’re looking for when it comes to size, price and players required to play. You can practice some skills and stay competitive for the next time you can play on the courts, even without a traditional volleyball net. 


Volleyball net meets foursquare

CROSSNET looks like two volleyball nets put together to form a plus sign and splits the court into four sections. Think of the childhood game four square but for volleyball. Here is a way to practice your control without the huge space requirements of a full-sized court. Requiring only four players to play and with adjustable height net poles it really is a great game to play with family, friends or other volleyball players.

The rules are simple. Start out by numbering the squares 1–4, with the fourth being the highest ranked square and the only square where you can score points. There are four players filling the squares and any extra players will form a line outside of square one and will fill in once a player is eliminated. You only get one touch per return, and a player is eliminated if they hit the ball out or it lands in their own square. Players can score points if they are in square four and they keep their points even if they are eliminated. The first player to 11 points wins. For the full list of rules, you can visit their website.  

CROSSNET Outdoor is a portable volleyball net that can be played in your garden / backyard or at the beach / park.
CROSSNET Outdoor is the perfect game for family, friends and volleyball players

Typically the game is played outdoors and is sold as a set with volleyball net, poles, volleyball and pump in a handy backpack making it a portable volleyball net that you can set it up wherever you choose – in your backyard / garden, at the beach or in the local park – so you can soak up the sun while still practicing your attacking strategy. But the beauty of CROSSNET is that it comes with multiple different versions and add-ons so you can play it anywhere.

As well as the standard outdoor version there is the doubles net, which unsurprisingly allows double the number of players. It also has bases you can put on the bottom of each net pole so you can play indoors. And you can also buy the CROSSNET H2O to bring the CROSSNET game into your swimming pool. It’s the same great game except the pool volleyball net comes with foam bases which float in the water.

CROSSNET H2O is a volleyball net for your swimming pool
Play CROSSNET H2O in your swimming pool

CROSSNET – need to know

Versions: Outdoor / Doubles / Indoor / H2O
Included: Volleyball Net / Poles / Ball / Pump / Bag / Bases (dependent on model)
Size: 4m x 4m / 7m x 7m
Min. Players: 4
Price: Approx. 119 – 269 USD / 99 – 224 EUR / 85 – 194 GBP

2. Teqvoly

volleyball meets ping pong

If you love ping pong and volleyball, your dreams just came true because Teqvoly is the best of both worlds. Think of playing a round of doubles on the beach, but instead of a regular sized volleyball net, there is a curved table that’s similar to a ping pong table. And instead of a rectangular court, you’re playing on a hexagonal court. 

You and your partner get three touches and your third touch must hit the opposing side of the table. You have to serve from behind the service line measuring 25m from the table and women must hit from behind the sideline but can land inside the court (men must hit and land behind the sideline). You cannot touch the table at any point, and you cannot cross the half-way line unless you are passing it backwards. Each match is best two out of three games and each game is played to eight points. For the full list of rules, you can visit their website

TEQVOLY volleyball table provides an alternative to indoor and outdoor volleyball nets.
TEQVOLY being played on the beach

Teqvoly also has Para Teqvoly which makes it easier for para athletes to get involved with this game. The table is the same size and most of the rules are the same except you are sitting on a smaller court. One able-bodied player is allowed per team, so enjoying the game of Teqvoly with fellow athletes, with or without disabilities, has never been easier.

Practice your control by hitting onto a surface much smaller than a regular court and practice your defence with shots coming at you at all different speeds and directions. Play competitively or just for fun with some friends. Investing in your own Teq Table, whether it be the Teq ONE, Teq SMART or Teq LITE, is an expensive endeavor. But you can look up local events and local drop in classes that are much less expensive and sometimes even free. 

TEQVOLY – need to know

Versions: Teq ONE / Teq SMART / Teq LITE
Included: Table
Size: 3m x 1.7m
Min. Players: 2
Price: Approx. 1299 – 3,599 USD / 1,199 – 2,999 EUR / 999 – 2,699 GBP

3. Spikeball

volleyball net meets trampoline

Spikeball is great for practicing dives, quick feet and placement shots. The name also implies that you’ll be able to practice your hitting by spiking the small rubber ball into the circular net. So why not get some volleyball practice in while you wait for the gyms to open up? 

The rules of Spikeball are also similar to volleyball with a serve to start the game, up to three touches allowed before it has to hit the net (think bump, set, spike), and the players can’t touch the ball twice in a row. If the ball hits the ground, the rim, or bounces twice on the net, then it’s the opponent’s point. The first team to 21 wins. For the full list of rules, you can visit their website

Spikeball is a small, super portable volleyball game where the net acts as trampoline.
Spikeball being played in the park

This game gets the heart pumping, keeps the feet moving, and gets the competitive juices flowing. If you play this game on the beach, or softer grass, then you can lay out and risk the body more for some sick saves. 

SPIKEBALL – need to know

Versions: Standard / Pro / Spikebrite
Included: Spikeball net / 3x balls / Drawstring bag
Size: 91cm diameter
Min. Players: 2
Price: Approx. 59 – 124 USD / 59 – 99 EUR / 59 – 99 GBP