F2 Logistics Cargo Movers

Mika set to leave F2 Logistics?

A day after revealing that she’s exploring other options outside volleyball, the agent of Mika Reyes raised the possibility of her moving to another team

Has F2 Logistics learnt its lesson?

There’s a lesson in every mistake. Will F2 Logistics apply that lesson now that it is pressured to win the bronze medal in the PSL Grand Prix?

F2 Logistics places faith in imports

F2 Logistics may have the most solid roster but with its season on the line, it will turn to its most explosive weapons – Hayley Spelman and Sydney Kemper

Can F2 Logistics stop Petron?

Petron is the only team that F2 Logistics has yet to beat this conference. Will the Cargo Movers emerge successful now that their season hangs in balance?

F2 Logistics’ Cyd of hope

She may not be the game’s biggest star, but Cyd Demecillo is playing a very special – and important – role in the rotation of F2 Logistics Cargo Movers.

Major adjustment looms for F2 Logistics

Despite F2 Logistics’ decent start, coach Ramil de Jesus remains searching for the right formula to win the crown. And he’s ready to make a major adjustment

WANTED: F2 Logistics’ imports

Among all PSL teams, only F2 Logistics is left without an import. Finally, three names have cropped up. Who among them will be hired?

Is F2 Logistics whipping up a storm?

Nothing has been heard from F2 Logistics about it’s preparation for PSL Grand Prix. But is it part of a plan that will shake the league to its foundation.

F2 Logistics in a gold rush

The owner of the golden ticket will come from F2 Logistics. Question is: who among Reyes, Dy, Fajardo, Baron and Macandili will walk away with it on Sunday?

F2 Logistics embraces new leader

F2 Logistics may be star-studded with a handful of veterans and a seasoned mentor; but an unlikely member is slowly rising as its new leader

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