Cargo Movers remain unbeaten

MALOLOS CITY — F2 Logistics stretched its sizzling run to three as it prevailed over a fiery Cocolife side in the 2017 PSL Grand Prix.

Cargo Movers ready for war

Despite sitting out the first two weeks of the PSL, F2 Logistics will be marching as a heavy favorite. But the question is: Are these Cargo Movers ready?

Kennedy loads up for F2 Logistics

The 24 year old Virginia tech alum has experience in Italy, South Korea and France but now she’s here to deliver for F2 Logistics in the PSL Grand Prix.

F2 Logistics taps Maria

F2 Logistics tapped seasoned campaigner Maria Jose Perez as its second import in the PSL Grand Prix but what does that means for Ara Galang?

Will Morente join F2 Logistics?

After months of speculations, Ramil de Jesus confirmed that Michelle Morente is all set to compete for La Salle. Does it mean that she’s also on the verge of seeing action for F2 Logistics in the PSL?

F2 Logistics gets its wish

F2 Logistics will be bringing in a pair of elite scorers to carry the cudgels in the PSL Grand Prix. Can these scoring machines lead them to their first Grand Prix title?

RDJ questions F2 Logistics’ heart

Finally, F2 Logistics posted its first back-to-back wins in PSL. But there’s one thing which Ramil de Jesus wants to see in their next matches — big fighting heart.

Former MVPs out to tow Cargo Movers

F2 Logistics parade a star-studded crew bannered by former MVPs in the PSL All-Filipino Conference. Can they turn star power into another title?

Is F2 Logistics ready for war?

The PSL Invitational Conference is just a month away, but nothing much has been heard from F2 Logistics. Are the Cargo Movers cooking up a storm?