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How this shy former WNCAA MVP became an analyst for Spikers’ Turf

Saturday, 23 Mar 2019
AJ Tanada - Writer - @volleyverse

Sports broadcasters bring life into the game. The excitement and the drama of each possession or rally is heightened by how these personalities give a picture on what’s happening in the court. Philippine volleyball has personalities like James Velasquez, Chiqui Pablo, Carlo Pamintuan, and Paolo Del Rosario that inject excitement to every spike, block, or ace.

Joining their ranks is a graduate of the Newbies Broadcasting Academy maiden batch who is now calling games for Spikers’ Turf.

Mossah Maica Carlos-Cruz, better known as Mosh, is a former WNCAA MVP for San Beda Alabang. Upon graduating, she opened her own events management company called Event Laboratory wherein she occasionally fill in as an event host. Though she might have set aside the sporting industry, opportunity came knocking in when one of her close friends, ESPN 5 volleyball analyst Denise Tan, invited her to become part of Spikers’ Turf broadcast panel as an analyst.

Despite having extensive knowledge about the sport, it took time for Cruz to get her bearings as a sports broadcaster. “Before the workshop, I thought I already knew everything about volleyball and that gives me a “license” to be an analyst, but I was definitely wrong.” It was then that one of her partners in coverage, Jay Dela Cruz, advised her to attend the Newbies Broadcasting Academy workshop of Noel Zarate.

After the workshop, it was easier for her to deliver thoughts correctly. “I learned how to go deeper and how to say things in a “proper” way. I also got the chance to interview players which I never did before the workshop. Also, our directors trusted me more when they heard that I took up that workshop,” Cruz said.

How did the workshop change her career as a volleyball analyst? “NBA helped me in a lot of ways. It helped me gain more knowledge about sports and broadcasting, most importantly about self confidence and how to handle situations that any broadcaster can and may face. After the workshop, I became excited to work, compared to before that I get very nervous every single coverage day.” 

A mother of two, Cruz is also thankful for the motivation given by her husband, TNT KaTropa guard Jericho Cruz, to bring her talents to the broadcast booth. “Jericho was actually the one who pushed me to go to the audition. Well, he’s always like that. He’d push me to do things that he thinks I can do or things I’d like to do.”

The men’s volleyball analyst is grateful for the new-found confidence and the unexpected opportunities that came after the seminar. “Never did I imagine to be part of this. I was actually the shy type especially when it comes to talking and standing in front of a crowd. This job never crossed my mind. I hope it’ll be a long time career. Though I got a lot more to learn and i need more experience – but yeah, I hope so. I enjoy doing it so much.”

Like Cruz, you too can break into the sports broadcasting industry by joining the second batch of the Newbies Broadcasting Academy. It will be held on April 5-7, 2019 at the Development Academy of the Philippines along San Miguel Avenue in Ortigas, Pasig City.

Veteran commentator Noel Zarate will be the workshop master and experts will swing by to share their knowledge in television broadcasting and directing, print media, online writing, and more.

For inquiries about the three-day workshop, you may contact Troy Yaw at 09176366011 or visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

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