Myla hits the jackpot

Tuesday, 29 Nov 2016
Nads Ong - Correspondent - @nadineisreal

Myla Pablo signed a lucrative contract with Pocari Sweat in the Shakey’s V-League, making her the highest paid women’s volleyball player in the country today.

A source with deep knowledge of the situation revealed that the prized open spiker signed a five-year contract worth P4.6 million, something that could match or surpass the salary of the rookies in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

The actual structure of Pablo’s contract is not available at the moment, but the source confirmed that the Lady Warriors happily threw in a brand-new car as her signing bonus.

Signing a player to a hefty deal has its risk.

While team owners would love to secure her services for a longer period of time, some of them are reluctant as there would always be the risk of pregnancy, which is unlike male professional basketball players who are normally being given around three to seven-year contract.

The source said Pocari Sweat management was more than happy to give Pablo the contract she deserves.

Both camps are so happy. Pocari Sweat knows what Myla can bring on the table. They know her worth. And they’re sure that up to the last centavo, their investment on Myla would be worth it.

A calculated risk

Pocari Sweat team manager Eric Ty admitted that there’s really a lot of risk involved. But he explained that with Pablo’s caliber, the risk would be worth it.

I have to admit that we really took a risk. But we have to believe, trust and keep our faith on her. We have identified Myla by her age. She’s just 22. So after five years, she will be 27. By then, we know she still has a lot of gas left on her tank.

Pocari Sweat president Shinichi Suzuki said they are pinning their trust and confidence on Pablo and with her signing a fresh five-year pact, the would be solid contenders for the next five years.

Even before we support the team, we knew we would be champions. Myla signing with Pocari assures us that we would be champions for the next five years. Everything that I expected happened. So I’m sure this will also happen.

Pablo, who just earned her Marketing Management degree from National University, steered the Lady Warriors to the V-League Open Conference title against BaliPure. Few months later, she was at it again as she powered them to another title – the Reinforced Conference – where they knocked down star Alyssa Valdez and her Bureau of Customs.

Wider impact

With Pablo’s signing, the landscape of Philippine volleyball is expected to change dramatically.

Marquee players like Valdez, Rachel Anne Daquis, Cha Cruz and Aby Marano are tipped to receive longer, heftier contracts while student-athletes like Jaja Santiago, Kim Fajardo, EJ Laure and Sisi Rondina are expected to have their allowance package re-structured.

Pablo said she was shocked to learn that she would be given a long contract since other players are given only one-year deal.

I was also surprised because other teams just give one-year contract to their players. But God gave me not one, but a five-year contract. That’s why I’m so happy. I’m happy with the trust they have given me. I would do my best to help Pocari Sweat champion.