Was fielding Galang a wise move?

A lot of questions were floated when F2 Logistics deployed an injured Ara Galang in a seemingly un-winnable match. But there could be a good reason!

Is Galang fit for the Grand Prix?

Ara Galang didn’t suit up when F2 Logistics opened its bid for the PSL Grand Prix. Will she remain doubtful for the rest of the tournament?

Is Kemper a keeper?

With two days left before Grand Prix, F2 Logistics’ import, Sydney Kemper just arrived. Is she worth the wait? Or will it end up in yet another heartbreak?

Shun shuns the attention

While Japanese Shun Takahashi is grateful to the warm reception of fans, he remains quiet and unassuming. But there’s a special reason behind it.

WANTED: F2 Logistics’ imports

Among all PSL teams, only F2 Logistics is left without an import. Finally, three names have cropped up. Who among them will be hired?

Branislav takes over Foton

Foton pulled off a shocker when it fired Fabio Menta. Few moments later, it has a new coach – and he is said to be the best among those who are here

End of road for Fabio

Foton made a shocking change as it fired Fabio Menta as head coach. But what was the wisdom behind it? Will it be for the better or for the worst?

‘We are brothers’

PSL Manila’s coach Moro Branislav is from Serbia. Little did we know that he’s a good friend of another great Serbian coach – Rajko Toroman!

International stars of the future?

Serbian coach Moro Branislav sees something special in Jaja Santiago and Mika Reyes. Are they Philippine volleyball’s international stars of the future?

Leader of the pack

Rachel Anne Daquis may not be the strongest or most athletic player. But the PSL and her teammates saw something special in her to pick her as their leader!

RC Cola-Army upgrades weapons

After a third-place finish last conference, RC Cola-Army is plotting a comeback. And it has drafted a pair of explosive scorers to turn that goal into reality.

Is F2 Logistics whipping up a storm?

Nothing has been heard from F2 Logistics about it’s preparation for PSL Grand Prix. But is it part of a plan that will shake the league to its foundation.

Best batch ever?

The PSL Grand Prix is less than a month away and it looks like the imports could be the best batch ever. Are they the real deal or just pure hype?