WOQT Recap: Italy with no scratch, Japan records first loss

Rivalry spices up on the WOQT Day 3! Italy remains the only team without the loss, moving ahead of all of the opponents, with Korea, Japan, Netherlands and Peru staying close with 6 points. Catch up with all the action below!

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Peru vs Kazakhstan

Result: 3-1 (19-25, 25-22, 25-23, 25-23) – watch full match here

Peru recorded it’s second win in the tournament, defeating Kazakhstan in four sets. Both teams have met before, including their last clash at the World Grand Prix last year. Peru coach, Mauro Marasciulo, pointed out teams’ different approaches as Kazakhstan arrived to Japan with entirely different roster to the one of 2015 World Grand Prix.
They have a rich wealth of players. We are focused on youth“, he told FIVB at the press conference.

Kazakhstan coach, Vyacheslav Shapran, admitted his frustration over close results of the lost sets.
[quote cite=’Vyachelav Shapran via FIVB’]We have a young team lacking experience to win through in the final points. We have to get used to international competitions and improve our skills.[/quote]

While Peru is still high in the race for the Olympic ticket, Kazakhstan’s hopes decreased, but are not entirely gone. Their chances won’t depend solely on their own wins.

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Italy vs Dominican Republic

Result: 3-0 (25-22, 25-23, 25-23) – watch full match here

Italy is the last team standing without any losses at the WOQT so far. With the strong handicap of points, European team grows in confidence ahead of the coming matches.

[quote cite=’Marco Bonitta via FIVB’]It was a difficult match for us. The Dominican Republic didn’t play their best in the first two matches. We beat a strong team. I appreciate my team’s effort. Del Core did a great job as captain of organizing the team and getting the players to fight until the end.[/quote]

Dominican Republic coach Marcos Kwiek, despite its third loss, sees the positives. “It was a tough match. Compared to the first and second matches, we are getting better. We made a lot of mistakes in the final set“, he said at the press conference after the match.

Bethania De La Cruz agreed with her coach on the team’s shape, but admitted that they still lack concentration, which turned out to be crucial reason of their loss.

Netherlands vs Thailand

Result: 3-0 (25-14, 25-1, 25-20) – watch full match here

After their loss against Korea and injury of their middle blocker Robin de Kruijf, the Dutch team played against Thailand with huge motivation. Their victory allowed the team to jump up the competition table. Coach Giovanni Guidetti praised his team’s discipline in the important moments.

[quote cite=’Giovanni Guidetti via FIVB’]You need a lot of discipline against team like Thailand. Today was an important match for us after the loss to Korea. We were precise, disciplined and aggressive. We played almost perfectly in an important match.[/quote]

As he told before in an interview for Volleyverse, Guidetti emphasized the struggle his team has against teams from Asia. “It’s not easy for us to play against Asian team. Their style is different to European teams. The Thai team has a very complicated system to go against“, he told FIVB after the match.

Thai player Tomkom Nootsara praised the opponent all the same. “The countermeasures they took against us worked very well, especially their serves“, she explained.

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Korea vs Japan

Result: 3-1 (28-26, 25-17, 17-25, 25-19) – watch full match here

Japan recorded its first loss in the competition, losing leader’s position in the WOQT table. Korea, who approached the match after their victory over Netherlands managed to strengthen its position in the battle for an Olympic berth.

Korea coach Lee Jungchul admitted the importance of developing Korean players. “We can’t do it with just Kim Yeon-Koung“, he said after the match. Yeon-Koung is Korea’s biggest star, praised by many of her opponents. Netherlands coach Giovanni Guidetti described her as “something he hasn’t seen in the past 20 years“.

Masayoshi Manabe went into details of Korea’s victory over his team.

[quote cite=’Masayoshi Manabe via FIVB’]Their serves were going in between our players today like we have not seen before. We made mistakes and lost many points. We did not have enough quick attacks in the middle of the match.[/quote]

Both teams focus on the upcoming all-Asian duels: Korea will face Kazakhstan, while Japan will play against Thailand.