WOQT Day 5 Recap: Two teams out of the road to Rio

WOQT Day 5  stage was taken by the Netherlands, who defeated Italy in all-European duel and took over leader’s position in the competition. Kazakhstan and Dominican Republic recorded fifth defeat and are out of the road to Rio.

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Thailand vs Kazakhstan

Result: 3-0 (25-18, 25-19, 25-15) – watch full match here

Motivated by the loss against Japan (read more about it here), Thailand recorded strong win over Kazakhstan. Thai controlled the match and didn’t let Kazakhs go over 20 points in each set. Coach Radchatagriengkai K told after the match the victory gives his team confidence, much needed ahead of the last two matches.

[quote cite=’Radchatagriengkai K via FIVB’]Our players have a strong spirit and heart. I want to thank all the fans from Thailand and around the world who have sent their support to us. We really appreciate it. They have given us power and energy.[/quote]

For Kazakhstan this loss officialy ended their road to Rio. The team recorded 5 losses and no wins thus far, falling too far behind the best four teams.

[quote cite=’Vyacheslav Shapran via FIVB’]We came to participate and give experience to young players. Many of the players have never played against strong teams like Japan, Korea and Thailand.[/quote]

Thailand jumped to 5th position in the table with 7 points, keeping chances for the Olympic berth.

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Korea vs Peru

Result: 3-1 (18-25, 25-22, 25-14, 25-21) – watch full match here

Peru opened the match with the victory in the first set, putting pressure on Korean team. Asian team was able to respond to Peru’s game and eventually claimed 3-1 victory, jumping to the second position in WOQT table. Coach Lee Jungchul emphasized importance of that match for the WOQT final result and praised his team for fulfilling their roles from the second set.

Kim Yeon-Koung pointed out Peru’s improvement since teams’ last clash in 2015. She admitted that five matches start to have an impact on team’s shape.

[quote cite=’Kim Yeon-Koung via FIVB’]The tournament is getting physically tough, but we will keep fighting to get the ticket to the Olympics.[/quote]

Peru’s captain Mirtha Uribe said her team was going for the win even though they knew the match against Korea would be difficult. She regretted her team couldn’t keep their game in decisive moments. Peruvians can still qualify to Rio, but not without help of other teams. Koreans stand in strong position to secure the Olympic berth as top Asian team in the competition.

WOQT Results & Predictions

Nicklin Hames5'10"SSo.
Kenzie Knuckles5'8"L / DSFr.
Megan Miller5'6"L / DSSo.
Aneska Szabo6'3"OHJr.
Chen Abramovich5'6"L / DSSo.
Emma Gabel5'7"L / DSFr.
Capri Davis6'1"OHSo.
Madi Kubik6'3"OHFr.
Lexi Sun6'2"OHJr.
Jazz Sweet6'3"OHJr.
Nicole Drewnick6'1"SFr.
Fallon Stutheit6'2"MBFr.
Riley Zuhn6’5″MB / OHFr.
Callie Schwarzenbach6'5"MBSo.
Lauren Stivrens6'4"MBJr.
Hayley Densburger5'9"L / DSJr.


R – FIVB Ranking
NO – Next Opponent
NGP – Next Game Prediction
OFRP – Our Final Result Prediction

Netherlands vs Italy

Result: 3-0 (25-21, 25-21, 25-14) – watch full match here

Netherlands turned out to be the team to stop Italy’s perfect score at the WOQT in Japan. Italy lost its position as the only undefeated team as well as the 1st place in WOQT table. Although both teams are considered one of the strongest in the competition, for the Dutch this match could have been one of the easier ones. Coach Giovanni Guidetti admitted before the tournament that his team can struggle against Asian style of volleyball. After their loss to Korea earlier in the competition and injury of their middle blocker Robin de Kruijf, the Dutch had to stay focused not to lose the momentum and their chances on the road to Rio. Now, holding the leader’s position in the competition table, Dutch are on a good note ahead of the last two days.

Italy couldn’t respond to Dutch play in the third set and gave up at some point, captain Antonella Del Core admitted after the match. Her team has fallen down to the third place, keeping the same points and win score as Dutch and Koreans.

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Japan vs Dominican Republic

Result: 3-0 (25-22, 25-16, 27-25) – watch full match here

Japan took its fourth victory, defeating and eliminating Dominican Republic from the fight for an Olympic berth. Although the hosting team won in straight sets, coach Masayoshi Manabe sees much room for improvement for his players.
Dominican Republic has to deal with its loss and closed doors to Rio 2016 even though the team has still two matches until the end of competition.

[quote cite=’Marcos Kwiek via FIVB’]We fought hard but at the decisive moments we lost points we couldn’t afford to lose. We will reorganize and regroup with young players looking forward to the Tokyo 2020 Games.[/quote]

Japan’s Haruka Miyashita agreed with his coach and doesn’t keep the full credit for team’s victory. She admitted the team was saved by opponent’s mistakes and acknowledged that the same thing will not happen in the upcoming matches.
The hosting team remains fourth in the competition table with 11 points after 4 won matches.