Trump’s triumph unites imports

The victory of Donald Trump in the United States’ presidential election came as a major shock to the Americans and the rest of the world. 

And American imports currently competing in the 2016 Philippine Superliga Grand Prix are no exception.

Illinois-native Lindsay Stalzer of Foton said she honestly thought that Trump’s nomination was a joke. But when he claimed 279 electoral votes compared to Hillary Clinton’s 228 electoral votes to bag the victory, the joke completely turned into reality.

[quote]I thought it was a joke, but obviously, it was a joke that came true. It’s not just one person who will rule the United States of America so I have faith in my country and I have faith in the US system. I think it’s just important that we support whoever is in charge.[/quote]

Pro-Trump, Ariel Usher of Foton Tornadoes, stressed that the billionaire’s victory is an indication that democracy is in full bloom in the United States.

Trump, in fact, was a heavy underdog compared to Clinton, who has been in the political limelight for the past decade after serving as First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State under the administration of outgoing President Barrack Obama.

[quote]I’m excited. It was really cool to see somebody go against a political powerhouse and win. I thought Hillary was going to blow him away. But it didn’t happen. I’m excited to see what will happen in his presidency.[/quote]

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Supporting a new leader

Trump’s victory sparked protest and sent American minorities and the rest of the world into a state of anxiety.

But Cignal import Laura Schaudt said instead of feeling anxious, it’s high time for the Americans to stay united and throw their full support behind their new leader.

Schaudt, who came from Oregon – state where Clinton and the Democrats posted a wide margin – said Trump should take his new role as a challenge to improve his personality and seek apology to the people whom he offended.

[quote]I think it’s important to think positive. I think Donald Trump has a lot to prove to a lot of people and not to impress. Instead, he should make peace to those whom he offended.[/quote]

On the other hand, Petron’s imports Stephanie Niemer and Serena Warner, have a different take on the issue.

Niemer, who hailed from the Republican-dominated state of Kentucky, said she took a neutral stand and stayed away from American politics.

Although some of her friends in social media were feeling depressed over Trump’s victory, she told them to calm down because America is going to be fine.

[quote]My family is Republican, but I didn’t vote. I’m just happy with my decision to stay out of politics. But I wouldn’t vote for Hillary, that’s for sure. I didn’t vote for her so I’m innocent.[/quote]

Warner, a Texas native, backed Niemer’s stand, saying that although she stayed neutral, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care at all.

[quote]I’m not a fan of both candidates so I just shrugged off my shoulders just hopefully look forward to it. I’m fine in the sense that he is limited in powers according to our constitution, so I’m just hopeful that we can come together as a country and do some good things.[/quote]

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