Rivers survives life’s biggest battle

Pocari Sweat’s latest import in Krystal Rivers is yet to see action in the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) Reinforced Conference with her international transfer certificate (ITC) still being processed.

She’s said to be a special talent and everybody is excited to stand as witness.

Aside from being one of the best student-athletes in Alabama, little did we know that Rivers also emerged as champion in the biggest battle of her life.

Three years ago, Rivers was diagnosed with Hodgkins’ Lymphoma — a cancer of the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system.

[quote]”Yes, I was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, Hodgkins’ Lymphoma.”[/quote]

And just like how she competes every game, Rivers pulled off a gallant stand and slayed the Big C.

Unlike other cancer patients, however, she still gets to spend a lot of time at school to catch up with her studies while training.

[quote]”I stayed in school, I kept training in volleyball, because that was when I was making the switch from middle blocker to opposite hitter so I wanted to stay in school.”[/quote]

[quote]”During the fight, being able to continue to train and being around my teammates really helped me get through it. I got through it and I had a great season after that.”[/quote]

Last year, Rivers became the first player in Crimson Tides’ program to be named Southeast Conference (SEC) Player of the year and second to earn Scholar-Athlete of the Year honor in just one season.

Standing up against cancer is no easy task.

But Rivers survived it.

And she learned from such experience.

[quote]”Just never give up.”[/quote]

[quote]”Always keep fighting through those obstacles.”[/quote]

Rivers also said the ultimate cure was to remain optimistic no matter how hard it appears.

[quote]”You just have to know the things ahead of you, try to find something positive, no matter what. There’s always gonna be something positive going on in your life, and you try to see that to push ahead through your obstacles.”[/quote]

Cancer has made Rivers stronger.

She’s more than just a player — she’s the epitome of strength, determination and love for the game.