Rapril Aguilar values the loyalty shown to her by Cignal

Loyalty is precious in the sporting world given the business decisions that regularly happen. Therefore, a playing that has stayed with a squad from the beginning is one to marvel. Such is the story of Rapril Aguilar with Team Awesome. Through the good and bad times, she stuck with the Cignal HD Spikers even if she sees limited minutes on the court.

But to fully understand the journey, it’s best to look at how she began.

How it all started for Aguilar

Aguilar started her playing career at Southwestern University in Cebu where she played with Danika Gendrauli and Marlyn Llagoso. From there, she and Gendrauli was invited Cignal head coach Sammy Acaylar to play for the HD Spikers. “Si Coach Sammy Acaylar, who was our training consultant before, invited me and Danika (Gendrauli) to play for his team here in Manila and eventually doon nagstart lahat for me sa Cignal,” she said.

Her stint with Cignal is not all roses though as Aguilar has been in and out of the line-up especially when she was diagnosed with an ACL injury during the 2014 season. But though she can’t play, her team made sure that she is still a part of the team’s activities. “Apart from ensuring I got the best doctors and treatment, Cignal has always included me in their activities so I still feel I am part of the team despite my injury. Their constant support and motivation drove me to heal faster and recover better.”

Greatful for the over-all Awesome experience

Aside from playing for Cignal, Aguilar has also been hired to be part of their office job. “The company has also hired me to be one of the Human Resources staff since 2014. The Cignal management knows how to take care of its people, whether you are an organic employee or an athlete.”

With the stability offered to her by the company, does she see herself playing her entire career with Team Awesome? “I want to keep on playing for Cignal as long as they need me. I have grown so much with them ever since I started playing and I continously pray to God that He improves my skills and competencies with the team for the years to come.”

Now on her sixth year with the Cignal HD Spikers, Aguilar values the concern and loyalty that the coaches and management has shown her. Despite the coaching and player changes, she continues to give back to the team that gave her break in any way she can.