PSL Grand Prix finals game 2 preview: Can F2 reclaim or will Petron revive?

The F2 Logistics have now done what six other squads couldn’t by putting a blemish to the Petron Blaze Spikers’ unbeaten record. With a four sets victory in game 1 of the PSL Grand Prix finals they have the advantage, but can they take that momentum into game 2?

Nothing to lose, everything to gain?

Everyone was caught off-guard when F2 did the impossible and took victory against Petron in Game 1. The Ramil De Jesus-mentored squad just played their game – they had nothing to lose but everything to gain. That mentality facilitated the victory and the precious lead in the 3 game finals.

With game 2 on the horizon, the Cargo Movers will look to maintain that mentality but whether they can when the pressure is on is likely to be a major factor in determine the result & ultimately the championship.

We believe in Alex

Trust in Alex Cabanos by the Cargo Movers is essential. In the absence of ace setter Kim Fajardo, F2 has been on a roller coaster ride but in game 1, Cabanos showed that she can perform on the big stage.

The former UST Golden Tigress garnered 22 excellent sets and will be looked to deliver again in Game 2. If Lindsay Stalzer, MJ Perez and Ara Galang’s trust in Cabanos is repaid by the setter, then F2 Logistics stand every chance of closing out game 2 and the championship.

Can Petron start strong?

Petron has lost the first set in their last 3 games. That statistic says everything about how the defending champions need to start the game in order to stand the best chance of taking victory.

In those three games, it was not the same Petron squad that everyone saw in the preliminaries. As a team they simply weren’t able to get their rhythm up and running early enough. With Katherine Bell & Stephanie Niemer itching to score Petron really need to hit the court running in order to take game 2.

F2 Logistics taking victory in the first game of the series makes the upcoming second incredibly interesting. Who do you believe will take victory? Will F2 reclaim the title or will Petron revive to take the series to the third and final game.

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  1. The game 2 tonight would be very interesting, intense and exciting. Which ever team wins is deserving. I believe Petron will bounce back and give more than 100%. Similarly, F2 will double their effort tonight.. good luck to both teams…more power F2….

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