NT’s floor defense under repair

OKAYAMA CITY, Japan – The very momentOkayama Seagulls head coach Akiyoshi Kawamoto stepped into their sparkling clean gym, his first question was: How can we help you?

The Philippine national women’s volleyball team needs a lot of help as it tries to come up with an impressive finish in the AVC Asian Senior Women’s Championship and a medal in the Southeast Asian Games.

A known disciplinarian who steered the Seagulls to glorious finishes in the elite Japan V.Premier League, Kawamoto made an initial assessment of the visiting squad and concluded that it already has the tools, but using them fluidly, effectively in the international stage is a different story.

He said he admires the height of Jaja Santiago, Gen Casugod and Mika Reyes as well as the quickness of Dawn Macandili and court savvy of Joverlyn Gonzaga.

The Nationals, however, must get rid of their bad habits and work hard with precision, discipline and accuracy, similar to what the Japanese are doing.

Kawamoto gave the Nationals a preview on the proper technique in reception and how to effectively convert a good first ball into a scoring opportunity.

Reyes, the team captain, said they enjoyed their first session with the Seagulls and they are looking forward to learning more from Kawamoto and other Japanese trainers.

She said this 17-day training, which is backed by Rebisco and the Philippine Sports Commission and was arranged by Asian Volleyball Confederation executive council member Ramon “Tats” Suzara, is a major boost to their preparation for the two major international tournaments ahead.

The Nationals are set to face the younger, but quicker Seagulls in a friendly match in the afternoon.

Here are the clips of the Nationals’ first session in training.

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