Who will be the new Creamline head coach?

Consider the vacant Creamline Cool Smashers’ head coaching position as the most desirable job in Philippine volleyball. While filling in the shoes of former head coach Tai Bundit is no easy task, the one taking over will steer a championship-caliber franchise. That person will have to continue bringing out the best from players like Alyssa Valdez, Jia Morado, Risa Sato, Jema Galanza, and Michele Gumabao. The new coach will also enjoy the support of a rabid fan base that comes in droves every game.

Question is, who will the new head mentor of the two-time Premier Volleyball League champions?

Possible candidates for Creamline head coaching role

A lot of possible candidates have floated and there’s a possibility that the Cool Smashers will bring in another foreign coach. Word on the street says that Creamline is considering a Chinese, a Japanese, and an Australian coach in the short list for the next Cool Smashers head coach. If this pushes through, this coaching change will bring a new philosophy and system to the dominating PVL franchise. The Creamline players might find it tough adjusting to a new system but champions like them can get the hang of it sooner than later.

There’s also a chance that a collegiate coach will take over from Coach Bundit because contract extensions with the current team are not gaining traction. It remains to be seen though whether this tactician will be given a fresh contract. If not, this person can be the strongest candidate for the Creamline Cool Smashers head coaching position.

But while this job opening offers a lot of upside, it can have its cons too. First, there will be constant pressure from the fans to reach at least the Finals of every succeeding PVL conference because of their recent success. Second, they must always find ways to motivate players who have won multiple titles. Third, the media will always have an eye on the coach especially when the team underperforms.

Given the high expectations, the Creamline management will meticulously discern Bundit’s heir apparent. They would want someone who can jump in from Day One and keep this well-oiled machine going without sputter. One thing is certain though: Christmas will be extended for whoever will be tapped as Coach Tai’s successor.