Key points for Petron and Cignal HD

As the smoke cleared after game one between the defending PSL Grand Prix champions Petron Blaze Spikers and Cignal HD Spikers, it showed that the Shaq Delos Santos-mentored squad is still the top team in the league. As such after a bumpy start to the match, they still took home the win and the series lead. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of how both squads were able to do after game one.

It’s an Ace!

The service aces were key figures in the first and second set. Cignal took the opening set with a service ace by Acy Masangkay and led the aces category 2-1. Petron stepped on the gas and overtook the second set with a 6-0 advantage in the service ace category led by Rhea Dimaculangan. It comes to show that the first ball is important for both teams to succeed in the series.

Energy is the key

The first set was all about energy for Cignal however that tampered down in the next three sets. That is what the HD Spikers need to continue to do after getting a set against Petron. Players such as team captain Rachel Ann Daquis, Acy Masangkay, and Jheck Dionela need to upstart that “Have fun” energy that they had in the opening set to get back in the series.

Limit Bell and Niemer

The key figure for Petron in this game was the output of both Katjerine Bell and Stephanie Niemer. Both imports scored 24 points and are not about to just let the title slip away. If Cignal wants to get game two, they have to limit Bell and Niemer the same way they limited the locals of Petron. Where Bell and Niemer goes, Petron goes and this will be the barometer of how far they will go in this series.

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