LIVE Updates! National Team tryouts (Day 2)

We’re coming to you live from the Arellano University School of Law Gymnasium for Day 2 of the National Team tryouts (January 25, 2019). We will post quick updates here as they happen so kindly refresh this article to remain up-to-date.

4:20 PM – A number of players from the Petron Blaze Spikers arrive: Denden Lazaro, Mika Reyes, Remy Palma, Ces Molina, and Denden Lazaro.

4:06 PM – Second scrimmage ends. Valdez’ team wins, 27-25. That’s the last time scrimmage for the day as practice ends early.

3:50 PM – Second scrimmage starts. Esguerra, Morado, Mau, Pineda, Valdez, and Jimenez on one team. Canino, Malaluan, Jazareno, Mau, Bendong, and Jema Galanza on the other.

3:40 PM – First scrimmage ends. The younger guns won, 25-21. Alleiah Malaluan had a stretch of four straight aces.

3:20 PM – Scrimmages start. One team has Mafe Galanza, KC Galdones, Jema Galanza, Alleiah Malaluan, Angel Canino, and Kyla Atienza.

The other team has Kalei Mau, Bang Pineda, Jia Morado, Alyssa Valdez, Donna Tuazon, and Ysa Jimenez.

2:39 – Players huddle up to start Day 2 of the tryouts. LVPI President Peter Cayco and Vice President Joey Romasanta are also here.

2:08 PM – Creamline’s Kyla Atienza, Jema Galanza, Jia Morado, and Alyssa Valdez are here.

1:50 PM – UST’s KC Galdones, Ysa Jimenes, Donna Tuazon, and Mafe Galanza arrives

1:42 PM – Laiza Bendong of UE checks in.

1:34 PM – Anne Esguerra enters the gym.

1:23 PM – Bang Pineda and Kalei Mau arrives.

1 PM – DLSZ girls are early birds once again. This time though, Angel Canino, Justine Jazareno, and Alleiah Malaluan are joined by Bea Bonafe and Jewel Encarnacion. Aby Marano of F2 Logistics has also checked in

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Don’t miss the FIVB VNL 2019!

Watch all 260 games of the best men & womens international volleyball online - LIVE & on-demand!

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