Petro Gazz refuels with Jeanette Panaga

The dominoes are falling for the former Pocari Sweat franchise as Jeanette Panaga announces that she will join the Petro Gazz Angels for the upcoming PVL 2019 season. Her decision comes after ace spiker Myla Pablo was reportedly joining the new team that Motolite will be building.

The move is a big boost for Petro Gazz’ campaign for a number of reasons. First, they get an athletic hitter who can do the same damage at the net and at the service line. Panaga is only one of three PVL players who are part of both the Top 10 Blockers and Servers for the PVL Open Conference 2018. The former CSB Blazer leads the league with 46 kill blocks which translates to an average of 0.79 per set. Meanwhile, she is also the best in rebounds or keeping the ball alive after block attempts with 155.

Her addition to the Angels improves their net defense that will be badly needed against teams with multiple scoring threats. The Petro Gazz front row suddenly becomes an issue for they now partner the three-time PVL Best Blocker with Cherry Rose Nunag or Ranya Musa to repel the opponent’s attack. Aside from that, Coach Jerry Yee will have another service weapon to go with specialists Alyssa Layug, Djanel Welch Cheng, and Rossan Fajardo.

An ace of a server

The NCAA Season 91 Finals MVP is only second to Alyssa Valdez in service aces (30) in 219 total attempts for an average of 0.52. However, Coach Yee can give some pointers to improve her service accuracy for she committed 43 faults which is the most among those in the Top Ten. Petro Gazz has the tendency to be quiet in scoring but Panaga’s addition can keep the points flowing.

This move must have brought a smile to setter Chie Saet for she gets another option to execute quick attacks from the middle. Panaga can relieve some pressure off Stephanie Mercado and Jonah Sabete from the wings if the middle game gets going.

Finally, the former Lady Warrior will find it easy to adjust in Petro Gazz due to former CSB teammates Cheng, Musa, and Rachel Austero. Therefore, fitting in off the court will not be an issue. On the court, Yee will always have a spot for her especially during his ingenious in-game adjustments. Panaga’s ability to deliver the goods from multiple facets of the game makes her a valuable chess piece to Yee’s strategy.