Jaqueline insists she’s “fine” after live TV collapse

Two-time Olympic champion Jaqueline Carvalho has reassured fans she is fine after collapsing dramatically while being interviewed live on Braziliano.

The 35-year-old former national captain, who recently announced her retirement, was offering insights for SporTVbetween the second and third sets of the Superliga men’s final between her husband Murilo Endres’ team Sesi-SP and EMS / Taubate. 

Talking animatedly courtside to reporter Fabiola Andrade, the national heroine known most commonly as ‘Jaque’ suddenly said, “Guys, I’m sorry, I’m feeling bad,” before keeling over. The resumption of the match was delayed for several minutes while she was checked over by doctors.

However, after making a full recovery, Jaque took to Instagram to assure fans she is feeling well, blaming her fainting on the hot conditions inside Sao Paolo’s Sesi Vila Leopoldina hall.

“Thank you for all the messages I have received,” she said in a video. “You took time off your busy day to send me a message. Thank you very much from the heart. I came to tell you I’m fine.

“I’m in a rush… I do not really stop. I’m running after my goals. I’m a mother too and now Murilo is in the final phase of the Super League, so it’s just that home care is redoubled.”