How Jaja Santiago celebrated her 23rd birthday

Jaja Santiago had a great experience for her 23rd birthday. Aside from winning a five-setter over the NEC Red Rockets, she was also hailed as Player of the Game. However, she did celebrate her birthday with some of her teammates from the Ageo Medics as posted on her Instagram account. Included in the video are the gifts that she received and photos from the visit of former Foton Tornadoes teammate Maika Ortiz in Japan.

Those who are close to the 6′ 5″ middle blocker shared their greetings via social media too.

Risa Sato says: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEYSH!😍❤️
Miss you naa and love you😗💕
GANBERE! 頑張れ、じゃじゃ🇯🇵🇵🇭

Dindin Santiago-Manabat stated: “Happy happy Birthday Jing! Enjoy your game ay day pala.haha i love you. @alyjasantiago3

The UAAP Season 80 MVP was quick to thank everyone who made her day special via this Instagram post. Santiago mentioned: “Another win for us and another year for me. Thank you to all my teammates who make my birthday more special. This is the best gift ever!

Kyou wa watashi no tanjoubi desu. Tanjoubi no toki ni minna to issho ni sugosete yokatta desu. Arigatou gozaimasu!

Konggo no shiai ni mo, yaku ni tateruyouni isshoukenmei gambarimasu! hikitsudzuki, yoroshiku onegaishimasu! ❣️More wins to come❣️