Reaction: Cargo Movers guilty of stealing sets

With much hype about Avengers Endgame nowadays, the PLDT Home Fibr Power Hitters will be haunted with their blunders by the end of sets one and two.

Who knows how this game will turn out if they had the 2-0 advantage against the F2 Logistics Cargo Movers. Instead, they simply couldn’t dial up the points to close out Coach Ramil de Jesus’ squad.

PLDT main mentor Roger Gorayeb said it best in one of his huddles. “Tayo ang lamang pero tayo ang takot eh.” It was as if an F2 run is inevitable and they crumbled when it actually happened.

The Power Hitters undeniably proved that they can compete in the PSL. But they have to keep their intensity until their score reaches 25 in order to make the jump from contenders to champions.

It’s never over when you face F2

Though PLDT was on the hill in the first set, the Cargo Movers scored the next five points to take the set away. In the second set, the Power Hitters held a 22-19 lead before F2 stormed back and gain the upper hand at 24-23.

Kendra Dahlke played hero when she forced a deuce. However, she gave a point away with a service error. Then, Aby Marano made PLDT pay with a quick tip from an overreception.

The Power Hitters got a pop quiz on mental toughness and failed. May they recover from this meltdown if they will be given a retake of this test.

Coach Roger has a point

Gorayeb was given the red card for excessive complaining. He does have a point though for an F2 player might have committed a lifting infraction. No wonder the multi-titled mentor was livid in pointing out the missed call.

The Power Hitters could have used it as a rallying point but the contrary happened. The Cargo Movers pulled away to clinch another Finals berth.

Championship rematch

It’s F2 and Petron all over again. This time, Lindsay Stalzer will help the Cargo Movers against the team that she led to last year’s title. More importantly, a title win for F2 halts the Blaze Spikers’ unblemished run.

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