F2 Logistics embraces new leader

F2 Logistics will open its campaign in the Philippine Superliga (PSL) Al-Filipino Conference this Saturday facing a very interesting dilemma.

It needs somebody who can take control when the situation gets tough.

It needs a motivator.

It needs a leader.

It needs a hero.

And with five former team captains in Cha Cruz, Aby Marano, Stephanie Mercado, Kim Fajardo and Ara Galang leading the Cargo Movers in the Superliga wars, the quest for a leader will be tougher than expected.

Heart of a champion

Cruz, Marano, Mercado, Fajardo and Galang were not volleyball queens for nothing. They dominated the UAAP women’s volleyball tournament and clinched at least two titles each.

Mercado and Cruz, for one, were the stars of the UAAP in Seasons 71, 73 and 74 and bridged the three-peat winning generation of Carissa Gotis, Manilla Santos, Desiree Hernandez and Maureen Penetrante into the championship era of Michelle Gumabao and Melissa Gohing.

Cha Cruz welcomes Ara Galang to F2 Logistics with a hug ROMAN PROSPERO

They are the pillars of La Salle volleyball.

[quote cite=’Cha Cruz, open spiker (F2 Logistics)’]“Yes, the team is composed of former team captains and I’m sure we’ll be banking on our experience as a whole.”[/quote]

Although La Salle had a two-year drought after mighty Ateneo de Manila won a pair of titles, the Lady Spikers re-asserted their mastery when they rule in Season 78 with Galang winning three titles and Fajardo bagging a pair of diadems.

New leader

So the ultimate question is: With a roster overflowing with talent, who will be the leader?

The veteran Cruz didn’t blink an eye before unleashing a stunning answer: It should be the setter.

Fajardo is one of the youngest members of the team and the mere fact that the 28-year old Cruz is assigning her to become their leader really means a lot.

Kim Fajardo served as the fluid that kept the engine of La Salle roaring in the UAAP Finals (Photo by Richard Esguerra)

[quote cite=’Cha Cruz, open spiker (F2 Logistics)’]“The setter is the driver. She has the power to decide where she wants to bring the team. We will go wherever she leads us.”

“But in terms of all aspects, everyone should be a leader. Everyone should step up because leadership starts with yourself.”[/quote]

She added that Fajardo has all the traces of becoming a great leader, somebody who can make other former Lady Spikers like Mika Reyes, Cyd Demecillo, Majoy Baron, Kim Dy and Dawn Macandili tick.

[quote cite=’Cha Cruz, open spiker (F2 Logistics)’]“Kim knows her teammates so well. Although we are still trying to figure out other plays, Kim is very willing to learn.”

“All of us – from the setter to the libero and the spikers – should do our respective roles. There should be no star mentality. All of us are leaders.”[/quote]

But more than anything else, more than becoming a team with a young core, there’s an umbilical cord that connects these Cargo Movers and will bring them closer to their goal of winning the title.

They are sisters first; teammates second.