F2 Logistics’ Cyd of hope

F2 Logistics dominated winless Generika in four sets, 25-17, 25-27, 25-19, 25-14, in the 2016 Philippine Superliga (PSL) Grand Prix late Thursday at the FilOil Flying V Arena.

The victory may look easy on paper, but in reality it wasn’t.

The Lifesavers gave the Cargo Movers a hard time, especially after stealing the second set.

Imports Polina Liutikova and Darlene Ramdin were impressive, firing 15 and 11 points, respectively, for Generika, which looked serious in pulling off an earth-shaking upset of the reigning All-Filipino Champion.

On the other hand, F2 Logistics was struggling.

It had a couple of service errors and some misreceptions, giving Generika a wide-open window of opportunity to steal the victory.

Finally, F2 Logistics head coach Ramil de Jesus dug deep into his bench late in the third set.

She dispatched a service specialist to stabilize the offense and make the attacking much easier for imports Hayley Spelman and Sydney Kemper and local stars Ara Galang and Cha Cruz with her solid reception.

She is the ray of hope of F2 Logistics.

Her name is Cyd Demecillo.

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Great stabilizer

Demecillo’s star power may not shine brighter than that of Galang, Cruz, Aby Marano or other La Salle spikers.

She operates in silence, letting her game make the loudest noise. And despite her previous injury, she still makes sure to deliver when the game is on the line.

She’s the perfect epitome of a second stringer.

That’s why it didn’t come as a surprise when de Jesus tapped her to replace Spelman when the executions of the Cargo Movers were getting shaky in the third set. Her role is to be the stabilizer.

[quote]I just want to contribute for the team, especially in the service department. I keep myself motivated as long as I feel that coach Ramil pins his trust on me.[/quote]

Demecillo believes that there’s a pressing need every time de Jesus calls her number.

[quote]If he puts you in, it means he’s trusting you. It’s the same thing for second stringers like us. Everything has its own purpose. We are in the lineup because we have the potential and we can contribute to the team. And that keeps us more motivated.[/quote]

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Among all teams in the PSL, F2 Logistics has the best chemistry.

Why not, after winning and losing together as a team for De La Sale University in the UAAP, the Cargo Movers pretty much know the roles of each other and what they could contribute to the team.

And it didn’t come as a surprise why de Jesus opted to go for Demecillo when the game was on the line.

[quote]Cyd and I were working together for the past five years. I know what she’s capable of. One of our advantages in this league is the fact that I know my locals really well. We have also perfectly defined our roles and know the limitation of each other. That’s why I know who to tap when the game is getting critical.[/quote]

Yes, Demecillo’s star power may not be as bright as that of Galang, Cruz or Marano.

But she plays her role very well.

She delivers when the game is on the line.

She’s the Cyd of hope for these Cargo Movers.

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