Eya Laure, Angel Canino, and Alleiah Malaluan hinting at National Team pool inclusion?

With the announcement of the training pools for the men’s and women’s national teams still days away, three of the younger stars might have given us a clue about their inclusion to the list.

De La Salle Zobel mainstay Angel Anne Canino shared a tweet saying “All for you!”. But what made that enticing is the Philippine flag emoji that came after the 15-year-old spiker’s update. It could mean other things but given the timing of the post, could it be that she is included in the chosen few?

She was not the only one who dropped clues on social media. Her partner in crime at Zobel, 16-year-old Alleiah Malaluan, also took to Twitter to share this.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that tyL stands for “Thank you, Lord”. But the blue, yellow, and red hearts correspond to our flag’s colors. Eya Laure of the UST Golden Tigresses had a similar post as well.

If the speculation is correct, Malaluan and Laure will be reunited to represent the Philippines. They had their first crack of playing together for country when they joined the likes of Mirgie Bautista, Marionne Alba, Janel Maraguinot, Alyssa Solomon, Mafe Galanza, and Jolina Dela Cruz to compete in the 2017 ASEAN meet in Singapore under coach Regine Diego.

Their selection to the Under-23 pool this year won’t be a surprise given how they fared in the two-day tryouts last January at the Arellano University College of Law Gymnasium. Canino impressed with her forceful attacks while Laure displayed her prowess at opposite. Meanwhile, Malaluan had a stretch of four consecutive aces serving to the likes of Kalei Mau, Jia Morado, and Alyssa Valdez.

The possible inclusion of Malaluan, Laure, and Canino would be a talented core to build on in the future. With the attacking troops in place, it’s interesting who they select in support of these three prodigies. Better yet, how they plan to play them together in hopes of developing as a cohesive unit.

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Don’t miss the FIVB VNL 2019!

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