Dauntless Reyes accepts the challenge

Mika Reyes has once again shaken the entire arena to its very foundation, proving her cynics wrong, as she executed some promising performances in the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship 2016.

The darling of the crowd finally made herself known to the world. Her grand entrance in PSL-F2 Logistics Manila’s opening campaign against the more-experienced Rexona-SESC Rio from Brazil came as a bolt from the blue.

Reyes proved that she is more than just a beautiful face by completing her journey to world stoutly while her team went down swinging in an Olympic quality tournament.

The darling then fearlessly delivered a powerful hit, a single block, and then a service ace consecutively trying to extend their final match in FIVB WCWC versus the unbreakable Asian champs from Thailand, Bangkok Glass.

PSL-F2 Logistics Manila landed in the last spot in the standings as the FIVB WCWC bid goodbye to Manila on Sunday night.

Nevertheless, the final golden ticket was never wasted in Reyes’ hands. Every score she earned and every single defensive effort she delivered were cherished by the roaring crowd. But, at the same time, a number of cynics still came down on her like a ton of bricks. Finally, Mika Reyes let the cat out of the bag.

Biggest Revelation

The talent of the DLSU Lady Spiker star was often questioned even during her collegiate years and she knows it.

Blow by blow, Mika Reyes proved that she doesn’t need any individual awards to show how much she values her passion. Why not? Helping her teams, DLSU Lady Spikers and F2 Logistics Cargo Movers to a championship is a victory sweeter than any personal accolade.

Whilst the Philippine SuperLiga was deciding who was going to complete the Magnificent 7, who were be combined with foreign reinforcements to represent the country against the world’s best clubs in the FIVB WCWC, everybody predicted that Mika Reyes would be chosen.

And once selected, she proved a point and never failed to impress. She was the biggest revelation. Even the world’s great blockers from Brazil and Turkey were stunned with her smart moves.

[quote]I’m so proud and it is a privilege to play in this kind of tournament. I really did enjoy the world-class experience.[/quote]

On the other hand, Mika Reyes admitted that she is completely aware that her doubters still exist. She doesn’t want her to be affected so she never took it negatively.

[quote]I’m not taking it negatively ever since. All I can say is…challenge accepted.[/quote]

After all, Reyes is still young and her experience in the world-stage will surely develop her skills to blow away the non-believers.

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