PVL fans, you deserve better than this

There was a heightened anticipation for the match-up between the Creamline Cool Smashers and the Pocari Sweat Lady Warriors. Aside from another showdown between PVL greats Alyssa Valdez and Myla Pablo, the game will be played in Legazpi City which is roughly an 11-hour drive from Manila. Fans who are not from that area will have to rely on live broadcast or livestream to watch the game. Sadly, the game will not be aired on free TV due to the UAAP basketball games.

Therefore, livestream was the only hope to see this match. The official broadcaster initially posted a YouTube video where the broadcast was supposed to be aired. The video was removed all of a sudden and fans had to scramble all over the internet to find ways to watch. It’s a good thing that a local organization from the area went live on Facebook to stream the game. Viewers also took the responsibility to update scores in the comments section.

Wasted opportunities

But while the ingenuity of the Filipino volleyball fans prevailed, they deserve more than this ordeal. Let’s lay out what most spectators missed.

First, they missed on a good view of a great match. The game stretched to five sets with the Cool Smashers winning over the Lady Warriors. Fans missed out in seeing how Jema Galanza, Michele Gumabao, and Risa Sato played splendidly in support of their team captain. They missed out on Pablo bringing a typhoon of spikes and Del Palomata being an unstoppable force in the middle. Fans missed out on how Pocari Sweat banked on their blocking while Creamline countered that with service aces.

If they are so keen reporting how many YouTube viewers they got in game, they lost a huge opportunity for this exciting game. They also lost the chance of trimming the full game into highlights that will be shared and discussed all over social media.

Second, two of the league’s biggest stars are playing. You always play that up when that happens to get as much attention as you can. That PVL MVPs Pablo and Valdez are in opposite sides of the court gives you a great story that fans will debate about. That’s as big as a draw you can get. Instead, they had to rely on a video that was seemingly taken from the rafters of the Ibalong Centrum for Recreation.

Third, it’s not good to fiddle with fans’ expectations regardless of which team plays. It would have been better to not have released that link than to take it down.

They game is over with and we already knew who won. But as a fan, you deserve better than this. The PVL and Philippine volleyball in general will not grow if it will continually be relegated in the sidelines.

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