By the numbers: Pocari Sweat defeats Petro Gazz

The Lady Warriors had a whopping 57-38 advantage on scoring spikes. Exactly one-third of Pocari’s spike output is courtesy of Myla Pablo while nine goes to May Ann Pantino. Likewise, Myla Pablo had less attempts in this match (49) as compared to their game against Ateneo-Motolite (58) which gives more opportunities to her teammates. As a team, the Lady Warriors connected on 33.7% of their spikes (57/169) with some of which coming in the fifth set. In contrast, Petro Gazz scored in only 22.48% of their spikes.

An edge like that spells the difference between winning and losing a volleyball match. The higher spike conversion rate was aided by Pocari Sweat’s 38-25 advantage in spikes as well. When Wendy Anne Semana distributes the ball at optimal height, their spikers can get cleaner hits that lead to scores. The edge becomes more applaudable considering that Pocari had just three more set attempts for the entire game as compared to Petro Gazz.

Aside from spikes and sets, the Lady Warriors also converted 11 service aces. When not setting for Pablo, Pantino, and the rest of Pocari’s spikers, Semana also executed three aces, a tally that was matched by teammate Jozza Cabalsa. The two of them alone matched Petro Gazz’ aces total of six.

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Don’t miss the FIVB VNL 2019!

Watch all 260 games of the best men & womens international volleyball online - LIVE & on-demand!

Digging to victory

The Pocari Sweat Lady Warriors’ floor defense must have frustrated the Petro Gazz spikers. No matter what they do, it seems that the Angels’ back line will have them covered. Just look at the 72 excellent digs that the Lady Warriors had. That’s around 14 digs per set which extends rallies and translates to more scoring opportunities. They even had five less total dig attemps than their opponent, 131-136. Petro Gazz did not do bad either with 58 excellent digs. It’s just that Pocari Sweat telegraphed their attack better.

Pablo led the Lady Warriors in scoring with 22 while Jeanette Panaga had 11. Del Palomata added ten while Pantino chipped in nine. Meanwhile, Jonah Sabete scored the most for coach Jerry Yee with 17 while Paneng Mercado had eight. Marites Pablo, Myla’s sister, had six for Petro Gazz while Ranya Musa tallied five.

Tacloban Fighting Warays defeat Iriga-Navy Lady Oragons

Tacloban dominated Iriga in straight sets, 25-17, 25-17, 25-19. A glance across the stats will show how the Fighting Warays took the fight out the Lady Oragons. They had more scoring spikes (40-33), blocks (3-2), and service aces (8-2) to go with less errors (16-24). The Fighting Warays were also better defensively with 56 excellent digs as compared to the Lady Oragons’ 49 and had more excellent sets, 23-14.

Jovielyn Prado and Heather Guino-o were co-leading scorers with 13 each while Kyle Negrito had six. Menchie Tubiera and Judith Abil had five points each for the Nes Pamilar-coached squad. On the other hand, team captain Grazielle Bombita led the Edgardo Rusit-coached Iriga Lady Oragons with 12 points while Mae Mendoza, Therese Ramas, and Rizalie Amaro all had five points each.

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