Alyssa Valdez’ NBA All-Star Chronicles (Part 1)

Alyssa Valdez: volleyball player, endorser, model. Now, also a basketball correspondent.

NBA Philippines sent the two-time UAAP women’s volleyball champion with fellow Ateneo Lady Eagle Gretchen Ho to cover the 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Other people could have been sent to cover the festivities. But having her in the mix of things is a good indication of how sports can pull people together for a common cause. It is also the NBA’s means of bringing the game to a wider audience, especially volleyball fans.

But before anything happened, Alyssa and Gretchen met at the airport before kicking off their duties.

Then, they met up with fellow influencers from Asia. Joining them is Melodee Morita who is a bilingual TV reporter and director for CNN, CBS, Nippon TV, and Fuji TV. Aside from being a YouTube content creator, Morita is also a professional ballet dancer. Also with them are Ahmad Kemal Palevi who is an actor, comedian, and rapper from Indonesia. Completing the group are Andovi and Jovial da Lopez from Indonesia as well.

The Creamline Cool Smashers team captain also attended the Nike “Own The Game” event wherein she shared a short speech by Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma. This inspiration message reflects Kuzma’s journey from being an unheralded second round draft choice to becoming one of the Lakers’ go-to players.

For this event, Valdez was able to visit Charlotte’s Mint Museum Uptown for Owner’s HQ which showcases the gears and products of the Jordan Brand. Yes, that is named after six-time NBA champion and Hall of Famer Michael Jordan who is also the team owner of the hometown Hornets. A North Carolina native himself, Jordan purchased the then-Charlotte Bobcats in 2010 for $275 million. The franchise was re-branded as the Hornets in the 2014-15 season.

Valdez was starstruck upon seeing the Chicago Bulls legend because he is an icon to look up to. But her iconic stint at the NBA All-Star Weekend is just getting started.