2019 Montreux Volley Masters – who will win?

It’s just two days before eight squads compete in the Montreux Masters 2019. This tournament serves as the opening of the international volleyball season and a possible prelude for the Volleyball Nations League.

Defending champions Italy will start the competition in Pool B with host nation Switzerland, Thailand, and Turkey. Meanwhile, world number one China is in Pool A with Germany, Japan, and Poland.

Here’s how we see the competition unfolding:

China emerges on top of Pool A

Germany and Poland will use their power in the wings against the Chinese. But they will have a hard time countering China’s balance in every position. The defending Olympic champions can still defeat the two European squads even if Zhu Ting will be marked.

China versus Japan would be interesting. The rematch of last year’s Asian Games semifinal features teams that can mirror each other in style and tempo. But while Japan has more agile players, the Chinese will exploit their height advantage to sweep Pool A.

Meanwhile, the Japanese will utilize their quickness against Poland and Germany. But their floor defense should be solid too to absorb the hard spikes from the two teams. Japan will have enough against Germany but they could falter against Poland.

Finally, Germany will give Poland a run for their money. However, the Poles will pull out with the victory. Therefore, Pool A will turn out like this after the elimination:

China: 3-0

Poland: 2-1

Japan: 1-2

Germany: 0-3

Italy tops Pool B

The defending champions might not bring the same squad this year. However, they will not have a hard time defeating Thailand and Switzerland. But Turkey will give them a challenge before clinching the victory.

The Turkish team will dominate Switzerland. In contrast, they might find Thailand’s speed unsettling but will still come up with a win. They will challenge Italy but will come up short in the end.

Thailand is sending the best team possible but they will come up short against the Italians and the Turks. However, they will score a win against the hosts. This is how the standings for Pool B will look like:

Italy: 3-0

Turkey: 2-1

Thailand: 1-2

Switzerland: 0-3

Semifinals and classification phase

The Germans will be locked in a tough battle against the Swiss but salvages the victory for seventh place. Sadly, the hosts will finish another Montreux Masters in last place.

It will be another Asian showdown as Japan battles Thailand. It will be a hotly-contested battle early but the Japanese will pull away in the end to take fifth spot.

Italy versus Poland will feature two teams that will rely on their wing spikers. In the end, the Italians will have more weapons to enter the gold medal match.

Likewise, China will emerge victorious over Turkey but not after some tough competition. Still, the Chinese will find a way to finish this in four sets to fight for the title.

Medal matches

Poland and Turkey could be a tough battle because they have the same strengths. The Poles will give them a good fight early on but the Turks will still capture the bronze in five sets.

Then, it will be a battle of champions for the championship as China faces Italy. This match can be a classic if they can replicate their 2018 FIVB World Championship semifinal showdown.

But given the possibility that Italy might not send their best team, China will hoist the title trophy in four sets.

Who will win the gold medal in the Montreux Masters 2019? Well, we guess you will just have to tune in to find out!

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