Individual Award Winners and their qualities

Of all the players during the Rebisco Volleyball League, seven individual stood out from the competition. These players exemplified excellence that is worthy of an individual award. Here are the winners and their best volleyball traits.

Madisyn Beirne – 2nd Best Outside Attacker

What makes her one of the top players during the RVL National Finals 2018? She hits hard. It would be impossible to stop her once she gets a good set and her powerful spikes are hard to dig. No wonder she was third in attack points during the preliminary round with 39. She also made 14 combined points during the semifinals and finals, all spikes.

Nive Tuileta – Best Setter

It pays to have talented spikers such as Beirne, Ella Connor, and Naniloa Spaar. But Tuileta sparked Hawaii Under 18’s run to the finals by distributing the ball well to their hitters. Aside from being a setter, Tuileta is also a dependable floor defender that has helped libero Chevelle Wagner-Chun and defensive specialist Gennezia Hawkins limit their opponent’s scoring chances.

Hannah Manihera-Double – 2nd Best Middle Blocker

Versatile. That’s what best summarizes the player from Z-Air Maori. She led the Rebisco Volleyball League in blocks during the elimination round with eight while also having seven service aces (11th best) and 17th in spike points with 26. She is the only one of two players to be in the Top 20 of all three scoring statistics during the RVL Nationals which makes her a threat be in on offense or defense.

Rizza Andrea Cruz – 1st Best Middle Blocker

Kings Montessori School has a preference for quick strikes in the middle and Cruz is often the receipient of sets from Louie Romero. She is an agile middle blocker who can easily adjust from one side to another. Aside from 27 attack points in preliminary round, she also had seven service aces and six kill blocks. The Adamson Soaring Falcons has definitely unearthed a gem in her.

Aliah Marce – Best Opposite Attacker

She was first known for her performances with CSA-Binan in the PSL Collegiate Grand Slam 2018. But in the Rebisco Volleyball League, she is showing that the hype is real. Marce got most of her 27 attack points in the pool stage by making well placed shots. She can generate powerful attacks without wasted movement. She also plays the game with such calmness that she is not easily rattled by pressure.

Phoebe Baldesco – Best Libero

She was at her best during Leyte National High School’s game against Z-Air Maori. She executed a number of excellent digs out of the strong attacks from the New Zealanders. Baldesco covered a lot of field during that match to limit their opponent’s scoring chances. Throughout the competition, she performed a number of amazing saves from challenging angles.

Naniloa Spaar – Most Valuable Player

Hawaii Under 18’s leading scorer and RVL National Finals 2018 Leading Scorer. No wonder Nani Spaar deserved the MVP award. She had 54 attack points in the preliminary round and eight total points in the semifinals. It’s impossible to stop her once she clears the net to unload a spike. If she continues this display, she will have a bright future at Temple University.