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How to vote for Jaja Santiago and Marck Espejo in the V.League All-Star Game

Thursday, 17 Jan 2019
Lawrence Fernandez - Editor - @lancefernandez
Photo credit: Japanese V.League

The Japanese V.League Division 1 All-Star Game for both the men’s and women’s side is usually played before the championship series. Two teams usually collide: a team composed of players who garnered the most fan votes versus a selection team that is chosen from the remaining players after the fan vote has been chosen.

Given the way they have been playing in the V.League’s top division so far, both Jaja Santiago of the Ageo Medics and Marck Espejo of the Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adler are worthy of being selected. But why wait for their names to be chosen when we can take the matter into our hands? Much like we have done for our Miss Universe candidates and PBA All-Stars, we too have the power vote the two former UAAP MVPs into the fan-selected team.

The process will not be easy though for all of the information you will deal with is in Japanese. Luckily, we found a step-by-step guide of the voting process courtesy of Two City Trails.

Download V.League mobile app

Voting can only be done via the official V.League mobile app. Android phone users can download the app by clicking here. For iOS device owners, type “Japan volleyball” in the search field at the App Store and the link to the app will appear.

After downloading the app, you will be required to fill in certain information such as birthday and favorite team. You will have to translate the text in the following fields by long-pressing in the text itself until an options field appear. Press on the three dots laid vertically and then press on translate.

After completing these fields, click on the black button with the arrow pointing right. That will bring you to the home page of the V.League app.

Register for V.League All-Star Game voting

Two City Trails has posted this video on how to register for All-Star voting. Just follow the process to be guided. If ever an about “the name is not in full katakana” appears, access an English to Katakana translator on your mobile browser and type your name there for accurate translation.

Voting for Jaja Santiago and Marck Espejo

Once you have complete the registration for voting, you will be brought back on the V.League app home page. Follow this video to vote for Marck Espejo:

And here’s how you can vote for Jaja Santiago

You can also vote for Dindin Santiago-Manabat. Instead of selecting V.League Women’s Division 1 Eastern Conference, press on Western Conference and find the Toray Arrows’ name in Japanese (東レアローズ).

How many times can we vote?

You can only vote for a person once per day. Therefore, it’s best that you set your alarm daily to not miss a chance to vote. The end of preliminaries for the V.League won’t happen until end of February which gives us much time to vote.

Doing it the first time is undeniably challenging. But we, the Philippine volleyball community, can make it happen. If we can give our beauty queens massive amounts of votes for special awards, we can send our Filipino players to the V.League Division 1 All-Star game as well.

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