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Men’s Olympic indoor volleyball tournament: Qualified teams

Wednesday, 20 Jan 2016
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Seven nations have qualified for the men’s Olympic indoor volleyball tournament, with the five remaining spots to be decided in two World Olympic Qualification Tournaments to be held in May-June.

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The 12-team men’s Olympic tournament will be held in Rio de Janeiro from August 7-21 at the Maracanãzinho Arena. Each qualified team will take a 12-player squad to the tournament.

Here’s the full list of the men’s teams who have already punched their ticket to Rio and how they earned their spot.

Brazil             – Host nation.

USA               – FIVB World Cup winners.

Italy               – FIVB World Cup runner-up.

Argentina     – South American Olympic qualifier winners.

Russia           – European Olympic qualifier winners.

Egypt             – African Olympic qualifier winners.

Cuba              – NORCECA Olympic qualifier winners.

Who’s still in the running to qualify?

Twelve countries remain in the hunt for one of the five remaining spots on offer. There are two separate qualification tournaments to be run and won, with both to be held in May-June, 2016.

Men’s World Olympic and Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament (May 28-June 5, Metropolitan Gymnasium, Tokyo).

This is an eight-team tournament that doubles as the Asian qualifier. Four spots are on offer in total. The top three teams and the top-ranked Asian team (outside of the top three) will qualify for Rio. If one or more Asian teams finish in the top three the next-best ranked Asian team would also qualify. The tournament draw will be held on March 12.

Participating teams:

Japan              – Tournament hosts.

Iran                 – World Rank 8.

Australia        – World Rank 13.

China              – World Rank 19.

France            – Runners-up at European qualifier.

Poland            – Finished third at European qualifier.

Venezuela      – Runners-up at the South American qualifier.

Canada           – Runners-up at the NORCECA qualifier.

Intercontinental Olympic Qualification Tournament (May 14-June 5 – Venue TBC)

Four teams will fight for one Olympic berth at this controversial qualifier. Several players, officials and coaches have questioned the entire qualification process for Rio 2016, and this tournament has certainly raised eyebrows.

While only one spot is on offer, it is arguably an easier path than the Men’s World Olympic and Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament, which includes five teams currently ranked in the Top 10 in the FIVB Rankings.

Participating teams:

Chile               – Finished third at South America qualifier.

Mexico           – Finished third at NORCECA qualifier.

Tunisia          – Second place African Olympic Qualification Tournament.

Algeria           – Third place African Olympic Qualification Tournament.

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