Number doesn’t matter for Rondina

Tuesday, 16 Aug 2016
Robin Mendoza - @
For Cherry Rondina her jersey number doesn’t matter; it’s all about performance.

There’s a very special reason why athletes switch jersey numbers.

In the NBA, for instance, retired Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant switched from no. 8 to no. 24 to signify the re-birth of his professional career. Same goes for Paul George of the Indiana Pacers, who abandoned his jersey no. 24 to no. 13 following a gruesome leg injury while training with the United States men’s basketball team.

The most controversial switching of jersey number happened to Michael Jordan.

After using jersey no. 23 for most part of his professional career, Jordan suddenly took an 18-month retirement only to return rocking a fresh jersey no. 45, which is the number he donned while still playing baseball as a kid.

Unfortunately, with the Chicago Bulls making an early exit in the playoffs, Jordan reverted to no. 23 the following season and led the Bulls to three more NBA titles.

But for Foton wing spiker Cherry Rondina, jersey number doesn’t matter.

Performance does.

Making the switch

Rondina grew up playing with jersey no. 11 emblazoned on her back.

She donned no. 11 while playing for Campostela National High School in Cebu and in her rookie season at the University of Santo Tomas.

But when libero Patty Rasmo returned to the lineup, Rondina had to change number. She had a list of numbers to choose from; yet, she opted for no. 16.

The no. 11 was special to me because it is the jersey number I used when I was still in high school.

Jersey no. 16 came to me by chance – not by choice.

Actually, Rondina also liked to tab jersey no. 4 because it marks her birth date – Sept. 4, 1996.

But Catherine Pollentes already have it, prompting her to settle for no. 16.

Hardly matters

Rondina said what was written underneath her chest is no longer important.

What is important is the name of her school or club she represents.

Whatever jersey number is I don’t care.

All I want is to give honor and glory to what is written in front of my playing uniform. I want to give credit to what school or club I am playing for.

She added that a lot of players are arguing about jersey number; but for her, she doesn’t really care.

A lot of players are requesting for a specific number. Some are even arguing. But for me, whatever the number is, I will play to the best of my ability because I am not playing for myself, but for my the club I represent.

Yes, for Rondina, jersey number is not an issue. She will still give her best whether she be given no. 0 to 100.

NBA stars like Kobe Bryant, Paul George and Michael Jordan must be proud of her.